Wildtracks Belize is a well established conservation organization, and has been working toward the sustainable future of the natural resources since its establishment in 1990.  Wildtracks achieves results through strengthening national and site level conservation of ecosystems and species, building engagement and strengthening capacity towards effective environmental stewardship at all levels.

Tools in the Wildtracks tool kit include: endangered species rehabilitation and reintroduction, and technical support to strengthen national wildlife and protected area strategies and their implementation.


THreatened species

Wildtracks protects wildlife through strengthening habitat conservation, effective rescue and rehabilitation of endangered and threatened species, and community engagement.

Landscape & Seascapes

Wildtracks manages two terrestrial protected areas—Fireburn and Balam Na. Both privately protected areas are located in Corozal District in northeast Belize.


Awareness & outreach

The Wildtracks team continues to work tirelessly to strengthen conservation education, awareness building and community outreach efforts, with the ultimate goal of giving all rescued, surrendered and confiscated wildlife the best possible chance of being reintroduced to the wild. 

sustainable development

Wildtracks embraces multi-sectoral, participatory input from stakeholders in identifying solutions to sustainable development issues.  Wildtracks also invests in building community capacity, and provides mentoring for community organizations while building an appreciation for the value of balancing conservation and sustainable development.