Strategic Direction




The Wildtracks’ Strategic Plan identifies our long-term vision, mission and goals, and serves as a roadmap for future actions.

The Wildtracks Mission:

To work toward the sustainable future of the natural resources,
through conservation of ecosystems and species,
building engagement and strengthening capacity
toward effective environmental stewardship at all levels.

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The 5 Goals of Wildtracks Include:

1. Contribute to the increased viability of threatened species in Belize and worldwide though national conservation collaborations, addressing threats, and strengthening rehabilitation and release back into the natural environments of Belize.

2. Contribute toward national and international conservation and biodiversity goals, priorities and targets

3. Engage and inspire both national and local communities toward improved awareness and active stewardship of Belize’s natural resources

4. Promote a balance between conservation and sustainable development across landscapes and seascapes that ensures continued viability of wildlife and builds environmental resilience to climate change

5. Secure the necessary infrastructure, as well as human and financial resources, for effective organizational management and expansion to achieve our strategic goals, outputs and long-term stability

To become involved in these dynamic conservation actions, please contact us for more information.