Why Belize?

Ecosystem COnservation

Belize leads the way in several important conservations fields such as: the strong co-management partnerships between the Government of Belize and NGO conservation community, an extensive protected areas system rich in wildlife, effective integration of community participation in protected area management, the roll-out of a national rights-based fishery, and aquaculture stewardship certification of shrimp farms.

The forests and coral reefs of Belize support healthy biodiversity and provide critical ecosystem services for the health and well-being of the Belizean people.

However, as the human footprint increases and climate change impacts become more prevalent, Belize is struggling to maintain this balance between development and maintenance of its natural resources. 

National Strategies

Belize can be proud of its conservation record to date. Its National Protected Areas System protects wildlife threatened throughout Central America, includes an excellent representation of ecosystems present in the country, provides the critical ecosystem service of water catchment to supply the national need for clean air and water, protects against tropical storm impacts,and supports livelihoods in both the marine and terrestrial environments making Belize a leader in the region in biodiversity conservation.